accepted rule

прийнята (загальноприйнята) норма

English-Ukrainian law dictionary.

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  • Rule — A rule is:* Rewrite rule, in generative grammar and computer science * Standardization, a formal and widely accepted statement, fact, definition, or qualification * Operation, a determinate rule ( method ) for performing a mathematical operation… …   Wikipedia

  • Rule of St. Basil —     Rule of St. Basil     † Catholic Encyclopedia ► Rule of St. Basil     I.     Under the name of Basilians are included all the religious who follow the Rule of St. Basil. The monasteries of such religious have never possessed the hierarchical… …   Catholic encyclopedia

  • Rule of St. Augustine — • Names the five documents sometimes identified as the Rule of Augustine, quickly narrows the field to two contenders, settles on Letter 211. Also deals with Augustine s relation to monasticism Catholic Encyclopedia. Kevin Knight. 2006. Rule of… …   Catholic encyclopedia

  • rule book — rule books 1) N COUNT A rule book is a book containing the official rules for a particular game, job, or organization. of the most serious offences mentioned in the Party rule book. 2) N COUNT: the N If you say that someone is doing… …   English dictionary

  • rule — ▪ I. rule rule 1 [ruːl] noun 1. [countable] an official instruction that says how things should be done or what is allowed: • The phone companies are working under new rules now. • The company broke government rules to undercu …   Financial and business terms

  • rule — 1 /ru:l/ noun 1 INSTRUCTION (C) an official instruction that says how things must be done or what is allowed, especially in a game, organization, or job: the school rules | against the rules: You can t come in if you re not a member it s against… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • Rule in Dearle v Hall — The rule in Dearle v Hall (1828) 3 Russ 1 is an English common law rule to determine priority between competing equitable claims to the same asset. The rule broadly provides that where the equitable owner of an asset purports to dispose of his… …   Wikipedia

  • rule — I. noun Etymology: Middle English reule, from Anglo French, from Latin regula straightedge, rule, from regere to keep straight, direct more at right Date: 13th century 1. a. a prescribed guide for conduct or action b. the laws or regulations… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • rule-following considerations — The considerations discussed by Wittgenstein in the Philosophical Investigations, §§147–202, concerning our conception of what it is for our use of a piece of language to be governed by an understanding of it, or a meaning or rule of use.… …   Philosophy dictionary

  • rule of succession — Principle used by Laplace in his Essai philosophique sur les probabilités (1814), and named by Venn, for determining a probability of the repetition of an event from its frequency of occurrence in some kind of trial. It is an ‘inverse method’,… …   Philosophy dictionary

  • rule OK — verb To be popularly accepted, or supported by the general majority of people. Yet nationalism rules OK across most public management …   Wiktionary

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